About us

The Rolling Ridge Condominium Association is a community  comprised of 180 town home style condominium units spread out among 27 buildings. The community is located in Sterling, Virginia about 20 miles outside of Washington D.C.

We are proudly managed by Spectrum Property Management. If you would like to reach our property manager, Lisa Cornaire, please call 703-307-2965. For more information see the contact page.

.....Latest News.....

Board Vacancy

There is currently an opening on the Board of Directors. If you are an owner in good standing and are interested in volunteering, please contact the property manager. 

Towing Enforcement- Visitor Parking

D&M Towing will continue their regular, rolling towing enforcement in Rolling Ridge, 24 hours a day. Any resident vehicle that has previously been given a warning ticket will be registered with the towing company. When the tow truck comes through the community, the driver will check every vehicle that is parked in a visitor space, if a vehicle parked in a visitor space is identified on their list (which means it has already been given a warning), it will automatically be towed. If your vehicle is towed, please call 703-471-4590.